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something I was working on, a nice little place to live, a nice little skyscraper, I can’t defend myself, so I might as well show what I’ve done that was constructive on the server. I really can’t be more clear in saying I didn’t think it was still a thing or that I am passive most of the time, so I surrender, I give up trying, but I now understand that this bug still exists, and I would very much appreciate it to be formally notified to the admins, because it is by far the most op glitch in existence on this server, apart from people with mindsets like Gen_Ben, who are out to ruin good things. I’m sorry that my actions were untimely, I really should have tested in a less hostile manner, and I deeply apologize, though that doesn’t make me guilty free from trying to take out michty who was also not wearing armor at the time, sorry.

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