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I guess this my rebuttal argument.

So from when I started played on this server i’ve raided and been raided as is expected on a pirate server. Now doing more of the raiding myself I tend to repeat raid people going through a cycle that gives enough time for people to recover. In dpex’s description which occured about a month ago; with also bringing no further proof of harassment besides the fact that I would not stop attacking until I got a head ( which is  a reasonable goal) and just simply stating that “I attacked too much” does not seem as a reasonable enough reason for a bullying plea. The attacks on dpex’s crew were not for the sake of harassing players. I admit that I attacked their crew “reich” at times but not with malicious intent. I did not have and still have no reason to attack dpex and his friends for any other reason than gear . Even as he mentions that people would not join his crew for the sake of my “harassment” this was never mentioned until now and to my knowledge was never brought up with any moderators. Alot of this post involves claims from other server members with no substantiated proof. Did I behave with complete conduct when telling him that I would not stop for a head, no. Did I break the guidelines of polite speech, no. I can understand if my tone could have been seen as malignant but I don’t think a not perfectly polite tone counts as bullying. As for the point made that attacking for his diamond gear is “bull” I have stated numerous times on this server in public chat that I raid for heads and for diamond gear. I dont think for a second that I behaved with perfect conduct in messaging but do I have too? Dpex himself when I attempted to apologize for ruining  a portion of his server experience inadvertently through my raiding he threatened me with a report that you know see above. In dpex’s defense I realize that I may have overstepped some boundaries and I am willing to admit that but to add the idea that I had intent to harass is ludicrous. I understand that this post and even me saying I raid in a repeat cycle may make it seem as though  I only kill players but that is also false. I have helped defend numerous deckhands and cadets as well as even when I do kill lower ranking players for the occasional head I always return gear. Examples of this would be mr.potato, geomajesus, duplic, jacebade, as well as numerous others. To categorize me as a one dimensional player killer and harasser with “proof” that in work to my defence my showing that I do attack for heads and resources while saying at the same time that I verbally abuse people show the complete lack of a central argument in this post.

( sorry for my grammar and spelling kinda late when I wrote this :D)

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