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I have noticed my claimblocks going missing without reason. I believe this has happened 2-3 times. (though the first time I settled on me resizing a large claim and then forgetting I did later). second time, I am really not sure what happened. either I’m an idiot and I made a claim and forgot about it, or something happened. then today, I had issues resizing one of my claims, I kept getting errors that there were other claims that would overlap, but when I checked, there were no claims in my way. I couldn’t even shrink my claim. I kept getting an error saying id overlap one of my claims. eventually, I just deleted the claim altogether, and remade it. oddly, I was standing INSIDE my claim, and when I deleted it, I got a notice saying that a claim was deleted…. but the claim I was standing in was still there. O-o after deleting that claim once more, I succeeded, then went to reclaim, and resize the specific area I wished to claim. now whenever I check my claimlist, the screenshot I attatched shows I have 2 claims in the exact same area. (it is cropped, but nobody needs to see where my other claims are ;P)

it is the same area, but 2 claims (I am only supposed to have ONE singular claim there, I never intended to have 2). I have never ever used a subclaim before, I do not even know how to use them. the -1716 claim is the current one, the -1443 claim is the one I was fussing with to fix.. I am not sure how this happened.

also, though I don’t have proof, I think I lost claim blocks in the double claim thing. id likeΒ to keep the larger claim and delete the smaller one, as I do not need both with the same coords @[email protected]


anyone else having similar issues? ._.

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