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i hope i am posting this in the right spot i couldn’t fine where i could just post one…so here i go…


Username: AngelRooBoo

Rank: Cadet

Reason: harassment and stalking

Evidence: Print Screen n logs for what i can get of both

Additional Information: he has been harassing n stalking me for 3 days now the logs im sending to u don’t have everything bc my computer is crap when he starts to kill me over n over n over n over it freezes me n my computer so i do apologize i also just recently found out how to screenshot so i have some of those.. now ¬†i¬†have sent you¬†a private message¬†also¬†bc there has been so many people harassing me in chat over ¬†Zee_King_Bee_XD ¬†bc i said i was turning him in so i didn’t want the post to blow up…but i have many witnesses on my behalf and would be glad to conform all this….i am a 35 yr old woman who plays MC just because of my girls jessiebooder and rachelrooder they are players on ur server as well we know the rules we know its a pvp if we didn’t want that we wouldn’t be on here..we want to play in peace and if we do get pvped fine but over n over n over right after a nother to the point we can respon without dieing is rediculus…now the names of my wittness are….. ¬† _kingrs_ ¬† ¬†wilsonmanzer ¬† ¬† illyndra ¬†blitzextreme ¬†cysteen ¬† zindarak ¬† arinthros ¬† ¬†SeconDeath ¬† ¬†Konstruktor ¬† ¬† i believe that is it but they all have asked n told him to stop harassing me and stalking me and he has done most of them in a shop place or has come to my crew home and would not leave….please do something about this because if he keeps it up you well loose 3 players for good…he deserves to be banned for a while me n my girls cant go shoping we cant leave our home and im so very getting tired of this i am a gamer profection in real life i go to college for it n i dont like being on a game n cant play bc all u do is die 24/7 … and when he came after my daughter jessiebooder i told hime not to even touch her he came to our home he decided to attack me again today and ontop of that him and witcher_geralt was waiting there n when i respond n got back to my house they was waiting there n killed me again before i could even get in my door so now zee has other people stalking and harassing us and not even letting us be able to even play the game….so please see he gets punished fairly… and do ask any ?s if need so all those people said they well tell u anything u need to know….

Thank You AngelRooBoo hopefully a future mcpirate player

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