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Sorry, I thought you said earlier in the week that you didn’t want player run shops in the Cove and wanted it outside?

I was going for something “flashy” like a emporium or mall, since I wasn’t in the cove and want people to come in and spend their cash…

That said,… I can tear it down, or change the design,… (my original thought was the side of the ship sticking out of the mountain,… but my building skills stink! Maybe I can hire Harry to help me!) Anyway, I understand it might not “fit in”,… heck I might be able to sail it away,… let me know if you want me to get rid of it…

On the subject of commerce in general, though,… I’m not sure I agree that only certain players are granted “franchises” or the exclusive right to build the ‘only’ shop in central area… I think it’s okay to restrict this to a specific player rank, but in the spirit of “free trade”, competition, and an open economy, I hope you’ll reconsider this decision…

Perhaps a viable alternative might be to allow “ranked” players (whatever minimum is required to sell, or make shops) to place a single sign or two in a “commerce” area, with a warp/link to their individual shop or stall (which is physically not in the Cove.)

This would give “buyers” a chance to make their own decisions on whom to purchase from, allow them to find the best price, and not give an unfair advantage to a small group of approved “merchants”… it would also help keep the Cove free of shop clutter…

Keep in mind that the opposite is true as well,… An economy like this allows people who need items to “offer to buy” them, and for the seller to get the best price for items that they have in excess…

You could still have “themed shops” in the cove,… but going inside, instead of a single players items for sale,… there are signs posted with warp links to player shops who have items that match the theme.

In any case,… let me know, and I can either change the design of what I built,… or try to “sail” it and see how far it get’s before sinking!

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