• MCMonkeyGMx posted an update in the group Group logo of PirateCraft Geographic SocietyPirateCraft Geographic Society 9 months, 3 weeks ago

    Recently, I’ve started to take an interest in the events with the 0utlaw war (I joined right in the middle of it, and towards the end I fought with the elves and Verussia. Pretty fond memories). At the time, I wasn’t 100% about what had actually been going on, all I knew was that the drama and immersiveness was fantastamazing. I’m a huge history nerd, and I love all things war, so I would be inclined towards that sort of stuff. Unless I’m completely misunderstanding what you mean? You want suggestions for a November article?

    • A November/December or Winter Issue is the plan right now.
      I’m sure I could research and do some interviews with those who fought in the 0utlaws war and get more information collated. I think that’d be quite an interesting issue to be fair.

      • That’d be great. I would suggest approaching the BE Leaders at the time (Don’t know if you’d be able to figure that out). Maybr you could use Apple_JK’s timeline from a while back. That will probably have some useful names and I formation. I would be glad to help in any way I can, just ask and I will try to arrange something (not guaranteed, of course).

      • Hahaha. Recently, Ive just discovered that Verussia (The crew I am a leader of) was recently at war with t he Magrathean Empire. Maybe it would be more relevant to do an article on the many Verussian wars of old and this one. Verussia’s recwnt expansion could be an interestig topic.

        • Sure, I know I’ve seen it come up on the Wikipedia, however I know very little about it, and not one has written anything on it.
          Perhaps if we were to experiment first with that conflict as a topic that’d be a good idea, if we can talk on discord and if I can be shown places in game, that’d be great.
          If you could contact the Magratheans, or put me in contact with them (if they’re around) then that’d be good also, as I can get a 2 sided story.

          The information I then find out can then be put into an article, and used to fill out the wiki page, as the wiki page is a more formal reading of information whereas an article is no less formal but is better as an internal discussion.

          Anyway, sorry I haven’t replied like 2 months earlier or done anything yet, it’s been busy for me.

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