• Caleb posted an update 7 months ago

    Current username: KoruptKingKaiser
    Username when banned KoruptKingKaiser
    UUSD: i don’t know
    Banned by: i don’t know
    Statment: On the ban it says I was using a Reasorce pack to find ores, I have no reasorce packs installed on my computer though. I have no idea whobanned me or if it was even ment for me, but all I have to say is to whoever banned me I am sorry forwhat I have don’t if I did anything to upset you or if you just don’t like me, Even if you do truly think I was hacking then sice you are a mod/Admin I guess your are right no matter the descrepenciy I am trust sorry for what I have done and I am hoping we can sort this out.


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