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PirateCraft Sign Shops

At PirateCraft anyone from Cadet rank or higher can make their own shop using only a Sign, Chest and a piece of redstone.

How to create a sign shop

  1. Make sure you are Cadet /rank or higher.
  2. Place an empty chest in a secure room.
  3. Put the number of item(s) to [buy] or [sell] in the chest with the quantity you wish to sell for each purchase.
  4. Punch the chest with redstone.
  5. Place a sign up to a maximum of 20 blocks away with [Buy] or [Sell] on the first line, the description of your choice on the 2nd and 3rd lines and the price on the 4th line.
  6. Punch the sign with redstone.
  7. Fill your chest with stock of items and you are done!

You will be notified each time someone buys or sells from your sign(s).
You can use multiple chests per sign or multiple signs per chest.

Signs have colors; [Blue] means the shop is stocked and working, [Red] means the shop is out or overstocked, [Black] means the sign is not active.

There is the Ability to set up shops to control redstone levers to control whatever you want, Cannons, Doors, Portcullis Gates, Bridges, Machines, Traps, anything you want! At present this is limited to Captain rank while we trial this feature.

You can edit active signs by clicking a sign with the desired text using Black Dye and then clicking the active SignShop. Example: If you want to update the price of an item, create a new sign and put the new price on the bottom line, leave the other 3 lines blank, and click with black dye. You can modify the description, the price, and the type of sign this way. Blank lines are ignored. You cannot, however, change a Device sign to a Buy sign, as the operations are incompatible with one another.

All signshops support custom Items, Brewed Booze, Enhancements, Potions, Books, Fireworks, and Lore.

Active Signs

From Cadet

  • [buy] Buy an item from the shop chest for the price specified on the 4th line
  • [sell] Sell an item to the shop chest for the price specified on the 4th line
  • [donate] Gives an item to the shop chest
  • [dispose] Takes the item in your hand and safely decomposes the material

From Sailor

  • [Device] Temporarily turns on a lever
  • [DeviceItem] Temporarily turns on a lever using items as payment
  • [DeviceOn] Turns a lever on
  • [DeviceOff] Turns a lever off
  • [Toggle] Toggles a lever
  • [Slot] Gives a random item from the selected chest items with infinite stock

Change Owner

From Sailor Rank you can change a signshops owner by clicking on another player with redstone and then on the shops sign you wish to change it to.

For Example: If you would like to set up a player account as a bank, or transfer a store to another player, you would punch them with redstone, then punch the sign you would like to modify.


The higher you /rank up the more sign shops you can create, these are the current limits per rank, The maximum distance a sign can be from an attached chest is 20 blocks.

  • Cadet: 15 signs
  • Sailor: 30 signs
  • Carpenter: 100 signs
  • Gunner: 150 signs
  • Boatswain: 200 signs
  • Lieutenant: 250 signs
  • Commander: 270 signs
  • Captain: 375 signs
  • Commodore: 375 signs
  • RearAdmiral: 375 signs
  • ViceAdmiral: 375 signs
  • Admiral: 375 signs

Warp-able shops

If you wish to buy from big established player shops, you can visit these by checking out the /warps these are a mix of server based warps and player bought warps. You can buy a public warp from our /donate shop.

Sign Shop Video Tutorial

EXP Storage


PirateCraft allows you to exchange XP into XP-Bottles with /bottle, so you can store, sell or give them away at a later date.

How to store XP into an XP-Bottle

  1. Have a stock of empty bottles in your inventory.
  2. Empty XP into the bottles using /bottle [amount] or /bottle max

You can monitor your XP Level using /bottle, and check information for a chosen level with /bottle until [level].

Bottles store 19 XP each, you are charged 20 XP per bottle filled, so it costs 1 XP per bottle filled to store experience.


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