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    [W.I.P.] posted for potential recruits, potential leadership, and current members to gain an understanding of how the Witherbeard Clan Kinship operates and what is expected from its membership.

    The Witherbeard Clan uses a clan system for organizational purposes.

    The Clans are organized by trade instead of family relationship for our purpose. Each trade clan has certain duties that need to be performed to benefit the Witherbeard clan as a whole. Each trade clan will consist of 1 Chieftain and as many members as needed to fulfill the clans duties in a sufficient manner.

    Each clan is semi autonomous in how they govern themselves but still have responsibilities to the larger kinship. This gives each member the freedom to play and work as their clan decides.

    Redbeard clan: Armed Forces
    Duties include naval, infantry, recon, information, training, as well as weapons and armor production

    Blackbeard clan: Privateers Chieftian: Galaxy219
    Duties include Black ops, raiding, and working alongside the Redbeard clan to insure the protection, prosperity, and safety of the Whitherbeard territories.

    Graybeard clan: Smithing Chieftain: Kingy_2901
    Duties include the production of tools, armor, villager management (trading for ench books and other activities related to villagers).

    Whitebeard clan: Land management
    Duties include Mining, logging, landscaping and excavation.

    Greenbeard clan: Agriculture
    Duties include food production, farming, and animal management.

    Orangebeard clan: Construction
    Duties include Infrastructure, housing, roadways, railways, etc…

    Purplebeard Clan: Explorer/Scouting

    Bluebeard clan: Diplomatic
    Duties include diplomacy, trade, alliance management, as well as managing internal matters

    Elder Chief: Overseer and leader of the Bluebeard Clan- MrBluBeardedYeti
    Duties include clan organization, dispute settlement, leader advisory, and whatever else needs to be done

    We are all members of the Whitherbeard Kinship and should help out with any task that needs to be done when needed whether it falls under your trade or not. I.E. if there is a threat and production of armor and weapons needs to be increased everyone should pitch in no matter what your color beard you happens to be. Or if there is a big building project and extra stone or wood is needed we can all lend a hand.

    If one or more trade clans are not filled the rest will have to help make up the needs in those trades.

    If a trade has members but no Chieftain the leadership of that trade defaults to the Elder Chief until a proper Chief is found.

    The first trade Chieftain positions will be filled by the Elder Chief.

    Chieftains from each trades clan together make up the High Council

    Chieftain duties:

    Recruitment – The Chieftain of a trade clan should always be on the lookout for recruits to fill their clan but will also receive new members via the new member sorting (New members not recruited for a specific trade will be sorted into a trade that needs members) and members that choose to change their trade during elections.

    Leadership – Oversight of the trade clan such as general structure, member assignments, enforcement of rules, project proposal to the council, approved project implementation, settle inter-clan disputes, clan moral

    Member of the High Council


    The election calendar will be March 26 – 29 results published on the 31st, June 25 – 28 results published on the 30th, September 25 – 28 results published on the 30th, December 25 – 28 results published on the 30th.

    Executive elections – Each trade Chieftain position will have a term of 3 months after which each trade clan will elect a new leader. The election will take place the last week of the quarter. If the leader is unopposed they will stay in the position.

    Emergency elections – Chieftains may be voted out because of leadership issues by the other Chieftains. This type of removal requires a proposal of why they are being asked to step down by the concerned party/parties and a majority vote by all the chieftains.

    General elections – General elections are optional and apply to the trade clan holding them. Each trade clan may hold an election within the trade clan for any secondary leadership roles implemented by the Chieftain. These elections should be held every 4 months after the executive elections.


    Executive election voting:
    Each trade clan will post its Chieftain candidates to the proper group forum page the week prior to voting. Chieftains and members will cast their votes for each Chieftain position. The results will be counted, reviewed, and posted the final day of the month. In the case of a tie the Elder Chiefs vote will serve as the tie breaker.

    Emergency elections voting:
    Once a proposal has been submitted to the Elder Chief for review to ensure its validity and weed out personal grievances. If valid it will be brought to the Chieftain council to discuss if a warning or a vote to dismiss is in order. The Chieftain being asked to step down will be given a chance to rebut the proposal before the vote. The vote will need to be majority. The Chieftain in question will not vote.

    After a Chieftain is voted out the council will choose a new interim Chieftain from the clan to serve until the next executive elections are held.

    General election voting:
    Voting for inter-clan secondary positions is determined by the clan holding them using whatever system they want to use.

    Code of Conduct:

    Any member of the Witherbeard Clan kinship no matter clan they may be a part of are expected to conduct themselves in a decent and honorable manner. The following code of conduct consists of character traits consistent with the Witherbeard forefathers. Any clan member found to exhibit a character opposing this code will find themselves under review by the high council. The high council will decide the action to be taken if any to be handed down.








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    This concept looks like good fun, Elder Chief Blu! 😀 Will these Witherbeard clans all be in one in-game crew?


    Blu Pearson
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    I think for now all the clans will be under the one main crew since membership is small and there arent any leaders but me atm. But i think it would be more interesting and authentic if each clan was its own in game crew allied together.

    I think it should work itself out organically once the serious recruiting begins. Right now Im just building up the main crew base and membership is open to those who wander in, asking in game haha.

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