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    (ik its been a while since i posted something, but this is for the group)

    alright, what i want to propose to us is a trade route from nearby ports that other nations own that are in this group

    how i want to propose this is in a format like this for those who want to join in on making this


    Items produced-

    items selling-

    area on map


    Port- New Vern

    Items produced- wool, stone, dark oak/spruce logs, diamond swords(sharp2 enchant), emeralds, chorus fruit, ships

    items selling- ships, wool, logs, diamond swords (if requested), chorus fruit

    area on map- in Balresk Harbor in the West sea




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    Rome’s port may be opening up sometime in the future, we will sell stone products, minerals, and enchanted items,%20First%20Emperor.
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    Wait, are you saying Rome is still active and not destroyed?! I just added it to the inactive settlements on the wiki. ._.

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    I think he means the new Rome. The old one is just a mess, I’d be surprised if that ever reopened. 🙁

    Aside from that, its a nice idea! I’ll add my port once its operational.

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