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SeconDeath Raided~News Edition: 17

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    SeconDeath’s Vault Raided!

    Yesterday SeconDeath logged on to find that his vault entirely ransacked and that the only things left were some food and the things in his echest. As is to be expected he was distraught over who would do such  thing out of his trusted members and immediately took to the forums asking for whoever did this dastardly deed to show his face. Now while the man in question (Willzo) has not come out declaring his fault he has already been established as the man who stole all of SeconDeath’s God gear and equipment. Willzo was also 2 days ago bragging about how he had the time of his life raiding the much appraised vault and how much God armor he had gotten from the raid. We will eagerly watch for the dramatic bloodbath to come.


    VenturaTheWizard Destroys HardTimez’s Ship

    Here is the video taken by VenturaTheWizard that shows how the last memory/ship that HardTimez had on this server died…




    Sanguine Court Is Recruiting!

    ”Freedom gained in death, released from the bonds of life. We rise again, free of Life’s misery and evaded Death’s grasp. Through blood forged a bond stronger than iron, and stand as one. We are the defers of Life and Death, united as family, and bleed as one.” (Contact Lucky_Vincentus for more information)

    The HEE Is Recruiting

    The High Elven Empire are looking for mature players who aren’t playing just for the fact that they can pvp. The HEE want members who are the best at what they do and can be an example of a strong Elven Group to the entire server. (Contact Browe or Xadiez for more information)

    VaultTec Industries Are Recruiting!

    This is the self-same group that made the beautiful vaults featured in the second part of the paper. Vault-Tec is an up and coming crew who are currently recruiting dwellers. Vault-Tec is led by the former military commander of EE. (Contact Rubihube or Lithvather for more information)

    Wielders of Conscience are Recruiting!

    Looking for players willing to work on resolving conflict on all levels. (msg Zeref_Dragneel2 in game or pm on site to join)

    Elven Empire is recruiting!

    We are United, We are Strong, We are the elven Empire-3 Kingdoms
    (msg Reptaria for more information on how to join)

    The Thirteen Colonies is Rercuiting!

    /msg NickyB_123 to join the Thirteen Colonies! They are looking for many more members to join them in their adventures, take a look!

    Warp Advertisements:

    Buy all your basic needs and more from /warp food

    Warp Food, Food is under new management and is being restocked!

    Quote of the Day: As Cysteen once said: “Kill all the things.” ~ Cysteen, 2016

    "Nec possum tecum vivere, nec sine te."
    -"I can live neither with you, nor without you."- ~ Uta

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    Good Job Ventura!


    The one of the last relics of those dark days is destroyed.

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    willzo is so gonna get raided by do meny people, the amount of people I have seen scouting out his base…

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    vent went absolutely ham on that ship XD




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