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Ship Battle 12 – Results

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    Very smooth going battle throughout, high turnout, good use of strategies, lots of ships, no crash or drama, pretty much a perfect battle. As with last time, we had 2 lots of 20 minutes of fighting, with 10 minute breaks in between, followed by 15 minutes of sudden-death. We had more than 30 people taking part split among 5 ships.


    • Scuabtuinne (indiaman) – Torkey (captain), Rivvur (navigator), Cappur, Curlyy, JUSAShrek1, Moossolini
    • Shrek’s Hand (indiaman, previously Iron Duke)- Cosmickingjoel (captain), CraftyMastermind, J_H_Rogers, xxbeastjacob27, James_Games_, GingfulGlider
    • Berlusconi (indiaman, previously Da Vinci) – Romich02 (captain), emielreijs (navigator), MinisterMoo, sarisinquatil, SpiderDeluxe, LiiGijn, SirSharky, catloverday1, +3 more
    • The Crusader (manowar, previously Drifting’s Ship) – OmegaVenom1 (captain), SydMontague, MelonIsNotAFruit, Palmerageddon, _His_Dudeness, Elo106, ArminPlugin
    • 4orange’s ship (galleon) – 4orange (captain), BLURP_, grafando ? +2 more



    1. Scuabtuinne – Won sudden death with 6/6 players left alive (100%)
      The Shrek’s Hand – Drew first place with 6/6  players left alive (100%)
    2. Berlusconi – 10/11 players left alive (90.9%)
    3. The Crusader – Surrendered in second half of battle
    4. 4orange’s ship – Sunk in first half of battle


    Honorable Awards:

    • Most damage received as % of ship – The Shrek’s Hand (4orange’s ship sunk with little damage)
    • Most damage dealt as % of ship – Scuabtuinne, dealing good amounts of damage thoughout the battle
    • Most damage repaired as % of ship – The Shrek’s Hand, fixing large amounts of damage during 2nd repair break
    • Most ships sunk/disabled – The Shrek’s Hand with 1 ship directly sunk (4orange’s ship)
    • Most player kills – Scuabtuinne killing most players onboard The Crusader, very difficult to pick this one
    • Most cannonballs fired – Scuabtuinne using autocannons at the start, and firing non-stop in sudden-death


    Damage Report:

    • Scuabtuinne – Received light damage throughout the battle thanks to mostly ranged engagements, good job guys!
    • The Shrek’s Hand – Received moderate damage in first 4-5 minutes of battle from concentrated fire from 4orange’s ship, before turning around and sinking them. Also recieved moderate damage in second half thanks to Berlusconi and Scuabtuinne.
    • Berlusconi – Received light damage in first half, and moderate damage in second half. Was largely repaired during the breaks.
    • The Crusader – Received almost no damage in first half, and moderate concentrated fire in second half by Scuabtuinne, The Shrek’s Hand, and Berlusconi. The captain surrendered 2 minutes before sudden death started.
    • 4orange’s ship – Chose to engage the disorganized Shrek’s Hand at the start, dealing good damage, but was sunk after 6 minutes from some lucky broadsides from the Shrek’s Hand. It sank largely intact.


    Next Battle:

    Doing a mini fleet battle next week Saturday 8th September at 8:00pm GMT – same time as usual. The basis of that battle is that any team can have up to 5 ships competing (rather than 1 per team). Its just for some fun, and will be a little more chaotic 🙂

    More info will follow shortly, gunpowder and projectiles will be provided. Ships used for this battle can be used again, but please bring any additional ships you want to use. Ty



    1st place Scuabtuinne and Shrek’s Hand get 30 points, 3rd place Berlusconi get 10. Full points table is in group description above.

    These points will be handed out to the ships, not the crews. So if you want your ship to get lots of points, be sure to use it again or modify it. You may re-name your ship, but I encourage you to stick with a name to avoid confusion.

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    Ship Dance Battle we need to see also.

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    O lol that was cosmickingjoel (my captain).


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    im a kau

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