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War on Heart Pirates

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    *This is merely a short announcement to clarify British intentions towards Heart Pirates*

    Through a vote initiated earlier this week The British Empire voted whether or not to act on a threat coming from the notorious Heart Pirates.

    The proposal stop these aggressions made towards British citizens were concluded with a 16 to 2 votes in favour of putting and end to the harassment and I will therefore formally state that from this point on The British Empire is in a state of war with this crew.

    Our terms of peace are to cut down the opposing crew to size and end the aggression towards BE crew members.

    War will rage until Heart Pirates surrender to these terms.


    That’s all.

    Founder of Port Hope

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    I mean no trouble, but can anybody actually “end” a threat? All their chests are locked and they are making solid progress in actually gaining more armor than they’re losing, so I think you can only postpone their movements. Sorry for being a noob and saying this, but I don’t think they’re backing down.


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    bislo is just stating how wars work odi, not saying they would surrender.


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    Man I’ll be cooking popcorn soon 😛



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    Well, this is gonna be another, long, grueling process in which there is not going o be an actual winner 😛 but good luck

    ~ I'm always right, when I'm not wrong...
    - Vice President of The Thirteen Colonies
    - Master Librarian at Covetown

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    Sorry crackers and bislo for my silly comment!


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    wait HEART is my friends i just found out i leave BE to help Heart bye Bisloo

    Lucky you will be missed 🙁

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    For flippingfloppitysakes Java .-.

    Founder of the Coalition

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