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    Thank you for taking the time to review our petition for Alliance. Papal has recently underwent a transformation to move us into the future as a chill, economic, don’t-be-a-dick crew. In the past you may have been reticent to maintain an alliance with Papal do to some of the members. Those days are now that past. I think you will find Papal to be a most advantageous ally. With crew leaders that are mature adult players, focused on improving the wealth of our crew members and looking to be a positive and helpful members of the server. Thank you for your time. -Olveron

    Crew: Papal

    Leader: Olveron

    Additional high officials(if any): _ninja_8, drbipper, m00se_caboose

    Current member count: 30

    Allies: BST, SCT,JD, REE, CULT, Aqua, Ter, WIND,LE, Froge, ESE, ISEN, GOLD, KC, WIC, lgnt, ROME, VER, SLNT, EK, ViN, EE, COPT, CA,TNE,Fecc, KHP, GON, SDR, Sin, SPQR, China, 12KI, TLC, LAS, EGIRL

    Rivals: sos, Mafia, CSN, SHLD,USSR,OPEC,RUST, egypt, FOA

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    Please wait till the British parliament makes a decision, this may take some time . Thank you for your patience –

    the FS of the British Empire

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    Hi there,

    In case you aren’t aware, I am pleased to announce that the BE government has agreed to your crew’s alliance request.

    A toast to a prosperous relationship.  🙂

    Thank you for your patience.

    This thread is now closed!

    - Sincerely - ItsCrazyDave

    Appointed a Lord of the British Empire in 2021 and a loyal member since 2018.

    Currently the Prime Minister and a former Vice Prime Minister of the British Empire
    Served 3 non-consecutive terms as the BE Home Secretary
    Leader of the Loyal BE Progressives Party and the 1st leader of the BE "Loyal Opposition"
    Currently a Councillor on the London City Council and its Deputy Mayor
    Previously held the posts of Mayor of London & Governor-General of South Afric

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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