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    It is with great pleasure that I announce the British Empire’s decision to propose an official alliance between ourselves, the British Empire, and the Raven Pirates. In a massive landslide 8/9 vote for yes by Parliament, it is asked that we shall from here on protect each other in times of war, aid in builds, advise each other and share information that could aid each other, help in any way if asked by either side, and just generally be “ally-y” 😀
    I personally look forward to our long and prospering friendship!

    @ravenfalls @crazypirate1 @michty

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    This is like (not trying to refer to it as being it but) the Triple Alliance!!

    Only reason I say that is there are 3 allies nothing to do with world war 1 other than the nick name for it.

    But I would ask if we could join if we prove ourselves in future.

    or if we already ‘have’ because I feel the recent Invasion of Lost Faythe has damaged our image and trusts in operations.

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    who was it that said no.

    some one must really hate me if they dont wanna be my little friend.

    and that makes me 🙁


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    They didn’t say no, they just didn’t respond 😛 @aniviankevinlu

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    Shush and let me vacation in peace.

    Sheesh these bison have better manners than you zoro

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    I am the leader of the oriental empire of china a small but growing empire and i would like to alliance with the british as i already am allied with an ally of yours and would like to benefit of being allied with such a powerful crew, also i am currently occupying the reminants of havvanah and with the britishes permission there are bitish claims i would like removed upon the island


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    @lorddarkus0 this isn’t really the place to ask this, so I’ll make a separate forum topic for it. Thanks for the proposal though, I’ll bring it up with the rest of the BE High Gov’t and I’m pretty sure they’ll all vote a yes 🙂 once it goes through I’ll let you know.

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