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BE & Ender Treaty – "The Holy Ender Treaty"

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    British Empire – Ender

    “The Holy Ender Treaty”

    We, the great people of the British Empire (BE), agree to live in a state of peace and mutual respect with the great people of Ender.
    With this pact, all parties, individually and collectively, ensure and assure one another that:

    1. No member of either crew will, at any time or for any reason, unlawfully attack a member city or member under the protections of this treaty.
    2. Trade between the crews will be conducted in a fair and open manner. Each crew will stand responsible for any failure of good faith on the part of its members, and will certify all goods and services promised by its members are delivered as promised.
    3. Conditions and limitations of this treaty include but may not be limited as follows: (a) The protections of this treaty are limited to the signatories of this pact, and do not extend to further allies of either party. (b) Neither ally is expected nor required to come to the aid of an ally acting as a willing aggressor. (c) Either party may select to act according to its own laws and policies, but the other is not obligated to join any conflict initiated by the free will of the other party to this agreement.

    Let this document serve as a bond between our people for as long as the sun rises above the seas of piratecraft. We agree to the terms of this treaty  and will strive to honor it fully. We also recognize that the leaders of each crew has the power to officially cancel this treaty with a three day notice, should time or circumstances require it.

    Earnestly and with Full Good Intent,



    (British Empire)

    @bislo1 (Prime Minister)

    @lawzoneon (Vice Prime Minister)






    Date:  May 5th 2016


    Leader of either crew, please reply below with your signature. Once all have been collected a proper format of the treaty will be posted to be archived in the great libraries of London.



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    Proud Member of the British Empire


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    It is with great joy and humble honor that I am pleased to formally accept the terms and conditions of the aforementioned treaty between the people of Ender and the esteemed peoples of the British Empire.
    Please accept my eternal gratitude and fidelity, and let it be known throughout the land of the Agreement made this day between our two great peoples.
    It is my sincere desire that this grows into a lasting source of mutually beneficial joy, harmony, and peace, with true regard to each other’s dignity and sovereignty, out of consideration and respect and compassion.
    I look forward to our success in this great endeavor.
    With sincere regards,

    Brother Kanube, head of the Order of St. Ender, Watcher of the Void
    ~~~~~ from the dust of the void all is made, and to the void it returns~~~~~


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    I can also say, on behalf of BE, that we are happy to sign this agreement of friendship and mutual assistance that hopefully will last for decades.


    Signed – Bislo

    Founder of Port Hope


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    The treaty has been officially signed by the respected leaders of the crews and is in effect.

    A copy is available here and the Piratecraft Wiki also has been updated.


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    Proud Member of the British Empire

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