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    This has been long time underway and I can finally say I have had it with some individuals of the CoV. Through my time on the server I have seen good guys and bad guys, guys with friendly greetings and Pirates with nasty attitudes. Don’t get me wrong, pirates are a thing and I will in no way discourage this way of life, but what I see in this, once less corrupted crew has now turned into a burning flame that creeps ever so closer encroaching the freedom and rights to step outside in the wilderness and not get jumped every other second. Once a PvP dedicated crew, CoV has slowly, but surely brought in some of the nastiest of players, with behavior equal to spoiled brats bending rules, standing in grey zones annoying the hell out of common folks for no reason, being disrespectful to the limit that it is not enough for punishment. Believe me, these certain ones are true experts in their field, like true captains know how to sail a ship, these boys know exactly how get away with their wrong doings and even doing it over and over!

    It has been discussed within my own government for a long time whether or not it would have any meaning to even fight the CoV. They are too stubborn and will just find new ways of annoying the hell out of everyone, but we ask ourselves, what is the alternative? what happens if we just let these filths run loose and keep stealing our valuables?

    Recent victories fought by Solis and the Elves have sparked hope that we might be able to suppress these nasty pirates, who just want to make life hell for us. I therefore call upon the Coalition to stand up with Solis, with the Elves and set a stop to the ever so creeping advancement of the CoV! I call my own crew, The British, our Colonial State, Thirteen Colonies, NRREnder and Elite, I call the FNA and the LoN for whatever it’s worth, to join and stand against the oppressors of the stability of the server! We shall join Solis and The Elven Empire in the fight! We need to hunt these pirates, we need to suppress them as good as we can! We might not be able to defeat the crew altogether, but we will sure as hell try!

    The era of tyranny delivered by the new members of CoV is over! I hereby call a server wide hunt for all the CoV that has ever wronged us! We shall stand together and fight them the best we’re able! All crews are welcome to join the Coalition here to show your courage to stand against the biggest threat this server has ever witnessed! We shall never give in to the CoV!!

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    Founder of Port Hope

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    Noice speech.

    Better than some I’ve seen.

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    I hope that you all have the courage to stand with us, and fight the noble fight, be you our oldest allies or oldest foes…we must unite and stand against tyranny.

    Onwards and upwards! Huzzah!



    - CrazyPirate
    Lord of Hamsfield Court,
    Foreign Secretary, Lord, former Prime Minister and founder of the British Empire

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    All the way. To the end

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    @Bislo1 @CrazyPirate1 I concur,

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    @Bislo Solis is happy for the British Empire’s help.

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    shoot THEM DOWN

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    well, I’m back tomorrow, I love putting swords where my money once was. All members of Elite will fight in the best gear they have (so don’t expect too much) I’m glad you agree with what I DM’d you about and are leading BE on such a dangerous journey. All of Elite’s allies and friends will be requested to join in the fun fest. I’m glad our “Melting Pot” crew (all different ranks melt together to create… GO GO POWERANGERS! DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN DUNNNN) is getting called an ally of an entire EMPIRE!!! :O (special fred :D) Anyway, It’s about time I act all manly like “OI IMMA TAKE DOWN YOU’RE WEAKEST PLAYERS COV!” that was a joke because their weakest players are never alone. (gives death stare to everybody that connects eyes with him) Anyway, I have noticed that our very own Vilij has some top dollar PvP skills, but with not much financial backing. So please donate 2.123 dollars to the “I am a poor Vilij” donation. ANYWAY! WE ACCEPT THE FIGHT, AND WILL BE LIKE CAPTAIN AMERICA AND NEVER DIE, EVEN WHEN BOMBS HIT HIM AND IT’S PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE TO WITHSTAND GETTING SHOT THAT MANY TIMES! (or powerangers)

    "Don't ask questions and we will tell no lies,"
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    If you’re choosing to join BE, EE and Solis in the fight you’re doing a brave and moral thing that will put your name on the map, it is time CoV was stripped of their power and a new coalition of Pirate MC’s most favoured crews took it’s place.

    If you need training or any kind of help, contact Solis! 9 times out of 10 if you message me saying “Juice CoV are raiding me!” I will come, and now that I have the servers aid we can put up a real fight!

    CoV are quantity over quality, help me combat their quantity!

    +-+ Templar - Squire +-+

    Crazy Pirate
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    It’s amazing how much support exists for this cause. For all of you who have liked it, and are from other crews, please, speak to your leaders, and unite with us all.

    - CrazyPirate
    Lord of Hamsfield Court,
    Foreign Secretary, Lord, former Prime Minister and founder of the British Empire

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    am i the only one who finds it funny that several members of cov liked bislo’s speech? xD

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    Glad to see that some of my wishes could be fulfilled.

    It doesn't matter whether the cat is black or white, as long as it catches mice.

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    Shut up ultracreeper. You shouldn’t be talking, you are inactive and have a crew of what? 5 people?

    Founder of the Coalition

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    One thing you need to remember is the more crews posed against them the better, we shouldn’t be shunning anyone away that shares our common enemy.

    +-+ Templar - Squire +-+

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    So am I getting this right, everyone in CoV looks like a zulu? @crazypirate1 Lol

    "Nec possum tecum vivere, nec sine te."
    -"I can live neither with you, nor without you."- ~ Uta

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