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Declaration of War Against the British Empire

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    Britain does not want peace. We heard this yesterday. We shall discuss with the English in the only language which they seem capable of understand.

    I regret that it has to come to this. Two nations seemingly having the same ideals fighting over a mere misunderstanding.

    I hope that this war doesn’t last long for both our sakes. This war will become the bane of the British Empire in the future.

    We’ve only been concerned about one enemy. The British Empire won’t fight with an army, no. Instead they’ll fight with their chief of police and Prime Minister, clad in Captain Armour. Just a handful can be easy to take down.

    Our allies would also join the war, the SPQR and the Elven Empire. Let us hope that our combined efforts can end this war swiftly.

    We only have one major enemy, and we shall hold our own with these people with success, of this rest assured!

    I regarded success in arriving at an understanding with the British not as a triumph of Ashikagan politics, but as a triumph of reason. Yet they continue to throw accusations and create propaganda.

    Never before have we gone to war. But I swear that this will be a staggering victory! If we don’t have the resources to get worthy armour and weapons, then let it be a battle of attrition and Guerrilla warfare!

    Only one of us will profit from this, but if we win, it would be the first show of power. Nations across the server are insulting us, spitting in our faces and some don’t even take it as a real thing! but after our victory, the server shall know not to underestimate the might of the Ashikaga!

    I’ve repeatedly told you: we will never capitulate to the British. The Colrainist cause shall rise and win the British Empire and win the hearts of the masses.

    I can only repeat: everything is conceivable, but never an Ashikagan capitulation! And if someone informs me, ”Then the war will last three weeks.” I answer: Let it last as long as it will. Ashikaga will never capitulate! Not now and not in the future!

    I was told that the British is preparing for a week long war. On this day of the declaration of war on the British, I am preparing that gear can be sustained to a month. I did so not because I believe this war will take five years, but because we shall not capitulate at the end of a month either! For nothing in the world shall we capitulate!

    We shall show these ‘gentlemen’ the force of a people so few, yet soldiers of pure steel! United under one leadership, led by one will, forged together by the cries of Deckhands and Cadets alike! The thought of this drives our order to fulfill the goal of this great mission. Whatever the individual among us must bear in terms of sacrifice will pass and is of no importance. What is and remains decisive is only the victory. There is only one possible victor: it is we. That CrazyPirate cannot believe this I attribute to the distraction of a miserable population! To liberate these people, we must be victorious!

    Others have not believed it either. Had _Lego_ done what’s right, we would not be here now. We would not be making speeches announcing the declaration of war. But Britain overreacted and are doing a rather silly thing.

    The course of this war shall decide whether we are strong fighters or just weaklings.

    I cannot end today’s speech without, as always thanking my followers for your loyalty. It gives me hope that I can win this war and I can usher in a new golden age of peace and prosperity. Throughout these long days of war, or without promising you to hold up high our old ideals in the future. We shall stand up for those relentlessly beaten and killed and we shall not shrink from putting our own lives on the line to realize the Movement, that wishes only for lower class equality and to secure our existence in this server. This is the first test of faith and strength. Once this war is won, each soldier shall be rewarded with great riches.

    Movement Comrades! For the sake of the Colrainist Movement! for the lower class! I declare war on the British Empire!


    C-can't we all just get along?!


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    Ummm, you do realize that SPQR and the Elven Empire are allies with the BE, right?


    I look foward to demolishing you on the battlefield 🙂 *Gives a hug to Kaiser*

    - BGraph
    Governor of Vendigroth
    Founder and Former Emperor of SPQR
    Former Minister of Justice of the Royal British Empire
    Proud Member of the Royal British Empire


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    Well the SPQR has already agreed to help me.

    C-can't we all just get along?!


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    actually BG, you contacted me during a time when i was very upset, i assumed you were referring to the group was attacking me, we will not attack our allies

    Ω Former Consulate and Emperor of the New Romans Ω
    Vivat Rei Republicae

    ▲ ▲


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    You have chosen to go against one of the most peaceful groups on the server, I do Hope you realize that. We do not set aside those lower than us, in fact we do what ever we can to help those in need! We do not promote violence, and discrimination. So the way I see it, you have just declared a battle against those the same as you. I said I was going to help you, in the past. But my friends, my family, come first. I am sorry to say that my port’s gates are no longer open to you, unless if you stand down. I do hope that this issue is resolved without a drop of blood spilled. Good day to you, sir.

    I... I've got nothing... Carry on.


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    kaiser you are my definition of crazy (unless you move into Reptaria crazy) but non the less I will be supporting BE for this conflict (yes conflict, war is something you are not capable of doing) Good day

    Lucky you will be missed 🙁


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    Rip Kaiser. Might as well hold the funeral now…

    “The lad had away with words, I’ll give him that. He spent much time and effort writing elaborate passages pertaining to his ideals of equality etc. Instead of writing said essays, he should have used that time studying and writing essays for school. It was clear he was uneducated, as he, with no allied support, intended to singlehandedly take on the strength of the BE; one o the oldest, most powerful groups with plenty of allied support. The large ego and thirst for power blinded this misguided fellow, causing him to remain in dream where he actually believed he stood a chance. The poor fellow was absolutely obliterated in reality, BE blowing through him like the wind across the open ocean. He stood no chance. We gather here today to remember the brief existence of Kasier, who died young due to his ignorance. Another speaker may rise and give their portion of the eulogy.”

    RIP Ultracreeper



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    Well, the cause was going good till war was declared on BE.



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    Ughhh… I just wanna have a clean fight with Lego XD. Give-backs, no allys. I supported your cause with like $5 of my money. That’s a load of money hehe. Anyway Ashkigan should hopefully rise out of this Tartarus state and get some more allys. I don’t fully understand the cause though, Zee_King_Trump saved a Decky from getting spawn killed by us. Think about this more thoroughly.



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    So you’re a group (I only know of you being in such a group) of “freedom fighters” fighting against one of the most peaceful (they all typically hide, teleport or log out when danger comes) crews on the server in an attempt to “help the lower class” become “equal” with the “upper class” but don’t realize that the newbies on the server all have a decent chance of being safe if they use hard blocks for their base? I don’t understand you in the slightest…


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    Newbies can’t magically conjure up Stone Bricks, obviously.

    C-can't we all just get along?!


    Crazy Pirate
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    No, but at £1 a stack, they can magic up 25 stacks pretty quickly.

    So, you just declared war on the crew that practices what you preach, minus the allies that actually support us. I’d love to say something classy, like you and what army, but that seems ironic really since they all left you.

    - CrazyPirate
    Lord of Hamsfield Court,
    Foreign Secretary, Lord, former Prime Minister and founder of the British Empire


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    I do regret declaring war, but you will not hear a surrender or the request for a peace treaty from me.

    C-can't we all just get along?!


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    RIP, This is going to be fun  :3


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    Well, at least this isn’t going to be a tiresome three-month long 0utlaws war again. I guess Kaiser now has his long-awaited opportunity to either shine or be squelched (Though I don’t think I’d wager on the former. :P)

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