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***New Building Guidelines***

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    New Building Guidelines:

    -Shops will now have a limit to how many Item Frames, Heads, Armor Stands and Banners. (this also includes the storage area of the shops)
    -Shops will also have to follow a sign template. what this is, is a guide to how you set up your shop signs. This makes it easier to tell what is being sold/bought when all signs follow the same guide. It also makes it easier if the port managers decide to make price list of all items on the island. Shops that do not follow the sign template will not be added to the price list.

    * For a 3+ floor shop, there is a limit to 32 Item Frames, Heads, Armor Stands and Banners total. This includes Head and Banner Shops.
    * For a 2 floor shop, there is a limit to 16 Item Frames, Heads, Armor Stands and Banners total. This includes Head and Banner Shops.
    * For a 1 floor shop, there is a limit to 8  Item Frames, Heads, Armor Stands and Banners total. This includes Head and Banner Shops.
    * For a shop stall, there is a limit to 5  Item Frames, Heads, Armor Stands and Banners total. This includes Head and Banner Shops.

    ALL shops are required to follow this guideline. Failure to do so may result in losing shop perms. You will recieve a verbal warning for 1st offence. For the 2nd violation, an island manager will remove all the violating items from the shop. If it persists, then you will recieve a $50 fine, and possibly lose your shop perms.
    The shop sign template will allow for easier shopping, and to help stop scamming. If your shop is caught scamming, you will not recieve a verbal warning, the linked chest will be found and broken, and you will recieve a $50 fine. If scamming persists, your shop perms may be revoked.

    Shop Sign Template:

    Item Name
    Item Amount

    Example:              [Buy]                               [Sell]
    Stone                          Cobblestone
    x64                                    x32
    $2                                     $.25
    The sign template also allows the shop managers to compose a master list of all shop items and prices. Failure to follow the template will result in your entire shop to be removed from the list.
    To compromise the limit on item frames, an alternative would be to place the buy/sell signs onto the block being sold/purchased.
    Item frames are only aesthetic, they are not required to run a shop.

    Other Building Guidelines:

    -Try to avoide using blue glass.
    -Try to avoid using cobblestone. If your build requires the use of cobbleston,e use double cobble slabs.
    -Build your storage with stone, or other non siegable blocks.
    -Lock all your storage chests. There are several blocks that do not require a tool to break but are also non-siegable:
    * Hay Bales
    * Soul Sand
    * Slime Block
    * Crafting Tables
    * Logs

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    I was just wondering about the sign template, instead of stating in numbers the quantity of items being sold, would it be acceptable to show the number through writing – for example for my drinks signs it says:




    Only £4 per bottle

    This doesnt exactly follow the format however it is clear to see the quantity of the item is one. I feel that this allows me to describe the drink in greater detail, giving a bit of lore and generally making the shopping process more interesting whilst also allowing anyone to see at a glance the necessary information about the sale.


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    Question, i plan on making a building firm in the future, and prices will be a lot more amorphous than a standard shop, how will i need to follow this?

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    Wow! Now all you need to do is make this into a book 😛


    I successfully made this forum post into a book because I was bored. Cysteen signed the book so it is an official island document.

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    According to MCShovel item frames do not cause significant client “lag”, but heads do. Before we completely commit to the new policy on item frames, let’s first see what happens if we remove all heads 😉

    P.S. I personally think that both heads and item frames should cause FPS drop. Shops that “lag” have a high number of entities and item frames are entities (use F3 and F3+B, luke).

    Does anybody remember if the old Brick & Mortar was super “laggy”? I had tons of heads on the second floor.

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    Were you promoted to general based on how skillfully you log out to avoid combat?

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