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    I finally got around to doing it, but I posted some of the basic and important island rules inside the island info center, which is located across from The Crown owned by gildor, and next to the quad beacon. (it’s a large building with a clock tower) I also moved and updated the KOS board. Inside this facility, youll find a number of things:

    • a map of the island
    • posted several rules in print, so no more “oh I didn’t know” with some situations.
    • moved and updated KOS board

    Rules are subject to change at any given time, at ae0’s or my discretion. and please, no crying to ae0 or me when something doesn’t go your way.

    an update to bounties!!! before, only a bounty over $500 can be claimed to keep items. (let’s be honest, only I really placed those, lol). now, bounties $200+ claimed you may keep the players items. the $50 minimum amount is unchanged. if you claim a bounty $50-199 you MUST return items. BUT if the bounty hunter is killed in their attempt to claim a bounty, items are NOT required to be retuned. (this applies to kicked for flying, or the like. pirate server. get over it).

    KOS fines are $100 unless otherwise stated by ae0 or myself.

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