September 2015 Build of the Month Competition

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Well, what a reintroduction! Thank you so much for the support from everyone, and thank you in particular to all entrants! I speak for the team when I say that none of us were expecting the return to be that successful. This month’s entries range from pieces of art to cathedrals to ships! So sit back, enjoy the ride, and don’t forget to cast your vote for whoever you think has the best build!


Pirate Haven

by CallieMav

A place for everyone, whether it be to find, or to make peace! This cathedral boasts an impressive collection to textures and depth, and is full to the brim with detail, whether it be the graveyard outside, or how accessible every part of the cathedral is.



by Lithvather

and contributors MrJolly and Reptaria

What initially looks to be like a nice castle, made up of well-chosen blocks, which gives a very pleasing look to the eye actually hides a well-kept secret. There is an entire, completely functional town, beneath the ground, in a ravine!


Beacon rainbow

by Markusi13

with donations from gottalovepunks (PunksGoMoo), Lawzoneon, CallieMav, Iamthereaper89 and Lucky_Vincentius

This project, a beautiful modern piece of art, built over more than two months, goes through every possible shade of beacon beam achievable within the game. This project required lots of dedication, as well as donations from some of the server’s wealthiest players to become what it is today!


Odin’s Path

by __DarkLight__

with contributor ravenfalls

An ancient bridge that, many years ago, the God may have walked on. In honour of this, settlers have built a statue of Odin in plain view of anyone who decides to cross the bridge. The history of this bridge is what makes it such an asset to the town it resides in, and the whole server.


The Queen’s Blessing

by Daniel_McLachlen

with contributor InventorJohn

A 24-gun galleon which does the Spanish Navy proud. Designed to be sleek whilst well-armed, this ship would be an asset to any Navy, or indeed, to any pirate fleet. The choice of colours used, particularly in the sails, only add to the fear that someone would experience when they saw the ship sailing towards them!


The Temple

by AssassinOfHades

This conveniently-located tribunal temple is perfectly positioned, not at all far from Port Solstheim, where citizens of all nearby towns can worship the three God Kings of Morrowind, Almalexia, Vivec and Sotha Sil.


Twilight Empire Crew Home

by PegasusPlayz

with contributor Midnight_Kitsune

A nicely built, fully-functional castle for all members of the Twilight Empire to enjoy. The castle is made up of several floors, both above- and underground, leading to a beautiful place for any person of group of people to live!


Terra Celstia

by gottalovepunks (PunksGoMoo)

A beautiful town, with an equally good layout, Terra Celstia is any traveller’s dream location, and very easy to navigate, with beautiful features scattered throughout. With all houses being sizeable and the surrounding scenery picturesque, this town is perfect for anyone.


Twilight Tower

by Midnight_Kitsune

A nearly 200-block-tall tower which was built with the intention of representing the simultaneous beauty and potential dangers that the night brings. Features of this build have been carefully thought-out around the theme, such as the sea lanterns at the top, representing the lights of the night, the moon and the stars.

Cast Your Vote

Cast your vote for the finest construction in Septembers build of the month competition. Please make sure to follow the competition rules. as you may only vote once, pick your favorite build!

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